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LSR Bottle

“…[A] spicy marriage of sriracha and Mexican peppers”

— LA Times

“The hot sauce, which is a marriage of Sriracha and Mexican peppers, will give the cult-favorite Ramen Burger an extra kick of spiciness, tanginess, and sweetness.”

— Kristie Hang, LA Weekly

“has an incredibly deep flavor profile. It’s that level of depth — bolstered by a distinct smokiness, and a sweetness of the apple vinegar at its base — that makes the sauce so versatile. Indeed, the chicken wing experiment may have been too simple for this sauce, which was so intriguing that multiple guests took the bottle and squirted it onto just about everything they could find: the wings themselves, celery, cauliflower, and tater tots. It’s easy to imagine the sauce shining brightly on anything from a sandwich to a pasta dish to a breakfast burrito. “

– Men’s Journal

“Made with smoked peppers giving a unique depth of flavor”

— Chef Christian Navarro

“Everything Sriracha was missing baby!!”

— Premium Oppa

“LA Sriracha Macha is a cultural collision of everything good expressed through food & sauce.”

— Lincoln Lee

“The sauce packed a punch and smokey flavor that I have not experienced before.”

— Sriracha Indy

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Ramen Burger x La Sriracha Macha., GREAT COMBO!!!

Premium Oppa La Sriracha Macha Review @2:49

Chef Christian Navarro with Hella Fraiche & Crunchy Boy Tasting


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