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Recipe of the Day. Al Pastor Kimchi Fried Rice. 

Ingredients: 1 cup of Kimchi, 1 cup of al pastor, 1/2 onion diced, 1/2 bundle of cilantro, sesame seed oil, salt and pepper to taste, 2tbl spoon of bean paste (dwenjang), 1/4 cup kimchi juice, 2oz of La Sriracha Macha, 3 cups of rice, 1 egg (+green onion garnish).

1. Grill kimchi and al pastor meat with sesame oil on high heat, pour kimchi “juice” to deglaze and reduce.
2. Add La Sriracha Macha sauce, onions, cilantro, and bean paste on medium heat for 1-3 minutes.
3. Add Rice and mix while on medium high heat.
4. cook egg sunny side up with olive oil on medium heat.
5. Place and enjoy!

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  1. This easy rice dish by Andrew Zimmern is an awesome side for any Asian-inspired meal, or on its own for lunch with a crisp salad. HD-201411-r-kimchi-fried-rice.

  2. Megha Maniar says:

    Nice dish. Thanks for sharing Pastor Kimchi Fried Rice recipe

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